SOS Program

This program is also funded and sponsored by The City of Boston from the Opportunity Fund.

This program is also funded and sponsored by The City of Boston from the Opportunity Fund.

SOS Backstory

SOS is a methodology I began creating in Healing Through Creative Arts in 2014 when I first began my survivor healing journey. My trauma comes from inside my home and from my parents. As a CODA (child of deaf adults), I have learned that language lives in our bodies. That both the spoken and unspoken can oppress our bodies. I also learned that when we tell our stories, we free our bodies. Throughout the years, I wore multiple roles as a facilitator, assistant director, director of STP, sign language interpreter, and now a partner with HTCA for BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and Deaf/Hard-of-hearing communities. I have learned that my truth can open up others to tell theirs. SOS: Sharing Our Stories was a platform I ran throughout the years all over MA, and it introduced me to so many new people and ways of learning. I have met allies, mothers, children, poetry, shadows, and lights I am so forever grateful for. Yet, my body is still in a form of resistance. My body keeps the score of all good and bad. This is a forever journey to heal and I need help. This is where you come in. You choosing to read this, see me, meet, and co-create is a huge blessing. Thank you for SHARING your presence. You are enough! How you show up does impact where we will go from here, but who you will become should only impact you for the better. Survivor Theatre Project is a powerful collective that holds many sides to the truths. I identify with many identities including abusive behaviors in my past. This is an ancestral clearing I am manifesting and I lean on my spiritual guides to transmute our traumas. 

What is the
SOS Method? 

SOS originally stands for Save Our Souls. This is an emergency message for those who are in need of help. This translates to our bodies in crisis. We can dance, write, sit in silence, sing, do anything to get out us somewhere safer. Eye see us Sharing Our Stories. This means we express our truths to hold autonomy of our bodies as we seek safety. The SOS Methodology pulls from the creative and logical parts of our mind to whatever resonates our bodies and affirm our experiences. It is a spiritual-like practice to explore what our bodies have to say. You showed up, and you are enough. I am here to help affirm your story. WHAT DO YOU NEED US TO KNOW?