Saafyr, The Creator

 I am Noemi ‘Saafyr’ Paz, best known as "SAAFYR" is a Black (Puerto Rican & Jamaican), Queer, Spiritual Warrior of LIBERATION. I am a creative community organizer that explores healing through performance arts, dance, songwriting, event planning, workshops, somatic body movement work, yoga, education, and community partnerships. I help communities manage talent, and mentor youth. Since 2017, I have released two albums, SOS: Sublime Over Stress, SOS: So Saafyr, and has featured her latest single "Blessing" on YouTube, streaming everywhere.           Be LOVE. Be RADICAL. Be YOU!

Aabidah Muhammad is the coordinator for Gems & Jewels by Saafyr. She is also the creator of Sunflowerdilah, which is dedicated her mother, Fadilah. Together, we walk in our purpose while continuing her legacy through sunflowers and blooming with our community. Aabidah is my best friend since 2014, and one the greatest gifts the universe has ever blessed me with. Thank you for always believing in me. 

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Gems and Jewels by Saafyr

Gems and Jewels is a Radical Arts Initiative with a mission to uplift and help heal by centering the bodies of Black Indigenous People of Color who are also Queer, Youth, & Allies for social change through creativity, education, community organizing, and advocating for wellness in our spirit. Our team includes Aabidah Muhammad of ‘Sunflowerdilah’, a Volunteer Coordinator, and anyone else who joins us for the ride!

Saafyr has been Contracted/Funded by: (some not listed)

Noemi Saafyr Paz - 2014  Ongoing
Community Monetary and In-Kind Donations Ongoing
Survivor Theatre Project 2014 - 2022 
Just Flow Artist/Activist Grant 2019 - Ongoing
Cambridge Arts Council  2021 - 2022
Mass Cultural Council 2022-2024
Dunamis Boston 2018 - 2020
Creatives of Color Boston 2019 - 2020
NEXUS - Language Justice & Beyond Storytelling 2017 - 2020
Boston Compass 2019 - 2021
Transformative Cultural Project 2017 - 2018
The Network/LaRed 2019 - 2022
What Fray Was Here 2023
Faith Matters Network Activist Wellness Fund  2024
Boston Lesbigay Urban Foundation 2024