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 "My name is Noemi Saafyr Paz and I am the Creative Director of SOS by Saafyr. SOS is a social enterprise helping share our stories in healthier ways. As Saafyr the artist, I am passionate about expressing art with others who have limited access. Whether you are BIPOC, Queer, or DEAF/HH; everybody deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated."

Noemi Saafyr Paz

Noemi ‘Saafyr’ Paz, also known as a Tigress, is a Black Caribbean Lesbian, Spiritual Warrior and a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA). As a survivor her experiences motivates her to seek liberation. Saafyr explores her healing by recording music, working with other survivors, and exploring intentionally exploring events with different communities. Saafyr creates from trauma-informed trainings and activism with her program called Blueprint to Thrive. With her skills, Saafyr is a trained creative artist, consultant and freelance ASL interpreter.

She is also the curator of storytelling spaces on YouTube and Spotify with SOS by Saafyr Podcast.

Saafyr has produced two albums, SOS: Sublime Over Stress on Soundcloud and YouTube. Her second album SOS: So Saafyr  was released on her birthday, September 7, 2020 on Spotify and Apple Music, featuring artists such as Aabidah Muhammad,  Eva Davenport, and Red Shaydez.