Noemi Saafyr Paz

 Noemi ‘Saafyr’ Paz, also known as a Tigress, is a Black, Lesbian, Spiritual Warrior of LIBERATION. GEMS AND JEWELS is an social enterprise that explores healing by performing and sharing her he(ART) by way of hip hop music, theatre, event planning, workshops, somatic body movement work, yoga, dance,  and, community partnerships.  Saafyr prioritizes BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and all allies for youth communities with radical intentions to empower our bodies.   Saafyr has produced two albums, SOS: Sublime Over Stress on Soundcloud and YouTube. Her second album SOS: So Saafyr . Be L O V E.

Gems and Jewels by Saafyr is a Performance and Wellness Enterprise with a mission to uplift and empower BIPOC LGBTQIA+ & Allies for social change through art and advocacy.